There are billions of websites on the Internet and therfore it is essential that a website is optimised (focussed) for a topic in order to rank well on the primary search engines.

What is search engine optimisation?

It is the structuring and fine tuning of a web site to meet as best as possible the search engine ranking criteria with the aim of achieving the best search engine ranking possible under the circumstances.

Unfortunately, different search engines have different criteria so that it is not possible to optimise equally for all of them.  Thus in practice one has three choices:

  • optimise for Google and partners, which is currently the most important search engine, and neglect the others
  • optimise for Yahoo or MSN and neglect Google
  • or compromise and try for decent (but not brilliant) ranking all round

There is no single “right” strategy; each site needs to be examined on a case by case basis.  It is sometimes possible to achieve very good ranking on Google in a niche market after optimising for the other search engines.

Submission to the Search Engines

Once optimised a website needs to be submitted to the search engines.  This may seem  trite and yet many websites are “invisible” to the search engines since they were not submitted.

To which search engines should a web site be submitted?

There are thousands of search engines in existence but the plain fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people surfing the net use a mere handful.  Google, Yahoo and Bing between them account for the vast majority of searches.

There is also a small number of local search engines such as Ananzi in South Africa which mop up most of the remainder of searches within their own national markets.  The remaining horde of search engines accounts for almost nothing.


There exist programs which promise to automatically submit your site to huge numbers of search engines.  These offers are of no value as the major search engines, which matter, do not accept automatic submissions while the rest do not matter anyway.


Search Engine Optimisation


How do search engines treat a web site?

Submission is not enough by itself.  For instance, if you go to Google and search for “accommodation London” there will be millions of  “finds”.  Even to be number 5 000 in such a list is useless as no-one is going to search that far before finding something that suits them.

Clearly it is important to be as close to the top of the list as possible in at least one relevant search expression.  In other words, you need a good ranking on the search engines.

Search engine ranking is determined by the search engines themselves using a wide range of criteria;  Google has been reported as looking at more than 200 factors to establish its ranking.

Some of these factors are quite beyond the influence of the web site designer; a website about football may attract millions of visitors while one about the use of pogo sticks on the island of Lombok is likely to attract very limited interest.  In that single respect, the football site will have a definite advantage.  On the other hand, the second site has the potential to become the leading site in its field.

Others of these factors can be addressed.  This is where search engine optimisation becomes important.

Domains starting at R150

Website Photography

Website photography is another service that is offerred by Host Hub SA. Photos and videos are beoming more important to the attractiveness and performance of a website, but getting the right photos for a website.  

Photos and videos offer visitors to your website a taste of what to expect when doing business with you and, as the saying goes, first impressions count.

Contrary to a couple of years ago when everybody used 56k modems most internet users are now using ADSL connections so current websites now require high quality images.

These not only show off your business to potential clients but also complement the design of your website in order to ensure the best possible user experience.

Eye catching imagery ensure the attention of potential clients and can set a positive mood to do business.

Host Hub SA, upon prior arrangement, is prepared to take photographs for the use on websites we develop.

ZAWebs now offers affordable website photography to our clients, hereby ensuring that we get the right photos to compliment our client’s websites.

In addition, we may also use Stock Photos to enhance the visual impact of websites where appropriate.

Google Adwords Management | PPC Management Services

Host Hub SA offers Google Adwords Management, a  Pay-Per Click (PPC) Advertising Service, to clients from various industry with the aim of increasing the number of quality relevant visitors to our client’s websites.  With the correct management of a Google Adwords campaign, we have seen small local businesses turn into large national businesses who dominate their industry.  

Google Adwords is a hughly powerful and focused marketing tool, which helps businesses attract the correct potential clients searching for your product in their moment of need. It is especially powerful when it comes to bring relevant potential client to your website or for improving your brand awareness at a very reasonable price.


Google Adwords drives More Relevant Potential Clients to your website by allowing your to reach your potential client at their Time of Need! 

Google Adwords helps to get your business found whether:

  • Looking for new website visitors
  • Growing online sales
  • Increasing phone calls
  • Keeping customers coming back

Adwords helps you connect with customes across the web:

  • Reach customers searching for your products and services
  • Improve brand awareness when they visit relevant websites
  • Target a very specific markets.

Google Adwords takes the gueswork out of marketing as it:

  • Is measurable, accountable and flexible
  • Allows for insight at any time
  • Allows you to start, stop, re-start, pause and test whenever you like

Right Time and Right Place

  • Get your business found when people search for the products and services that you offer.
  • Advertise locally, Globally or set a radius around your area of opperation.

Google Adwords drives more relevant cutomers to your website by attracting the right person, at the right time and in the right place no matter if they are using a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile device.  With Google Adwords you can be there, ready to meet your next or returning client at their moment of need.  What’s best is that you only pay if somene clicks on your Google Ad.

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