We have 20 years’ experience delivering world-class 360-degree activation solutions, and our in-house resources offer a concept-to-execution approach. We create, manage, and measure strategic activations with detailed granular reporting on the activation metrics such as samples delivered, foot-flow, reach, and engagement.


These go-getters are just as comfortable riding shotgun with a beauty queen to capture content for her Gram as they are managing a social media crisis from their desks. An eclectic bunch, drawing on a wide variety of experiences and skillsets, our digital and social department is united in their objective to deliver slick, user-first content that exceeds KPIs. The best way to do that? By nurturing communities that spread the brand story for you, utilising popular platforms and always keeping an eye on emerging interactive trends.


We may joke about their ability to build impenetrable backends, but our developers strike that very difficult balance between client wants, seamless user experience and the need to tick off multiple security and compliance checklists. They have the awards to show for it too, with their hard work behind some of our most acclaimed digital campaigns. Get in touch for websites and apps that look as good as they feel.


“Teamwork makes the dream work” is a staple saying at HostHubSA, and the design department lives and breathes the sentiment. Always eager to collaborate, they deliver everything from digital designs to brochures and entire new CIs with lightning-fast turnaround and flawless execution. It’s an environment for senior designers to flex their creative muscle and dive into trend exploration, while juniors find mentorship and space to develop their careers.

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PR isn’t what it used to be. We bridge the gap between traditional media and the brave new world of digital, which has opened multiple new avenues for message dissemination. Our award-winning PR team is all for exploring this new terrain while cultivating relationships and upholding brand reputation with professionalism and drive. Turn to them to get big-name journos and influencers talking about your brand and media releases out in the public eye – exactly where you want them.


There are amazing ideas. Then there are amazing ideas with real resonance. To achieve the latter – every brand’s first prize! – you need a rock-solid strategy. We don’t rely on assumptions and guesswork at HostHubSA. From digital to PR, our campaigns use thoroughly researched market insights as their foundation, bridging customer need and agency concept. It doesn’t end with project delivery either. Data analytics help us to measure impact, drive results and constantly up our game.

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